Saturday, December 2, 2017

Buy Orchid bloom fertilizer - Chennai

Orchid Booster Premium (OBP) is a comprehensive and complete dietary supplement for orchids and all kind of plants. It supports to grow healthy roots and trees, induce flowering and many other goodness. OBP is an all-in-one; acts as plantfood, boosters, and fertilizing plants.

100% natural and chemical free, it's indeed an environmentally friendly product. It will not cause stress on plants but will encourage photosynthesis and shiny leaves.The benefits :-
1.       Accelerate growth rate 
2.       Promotes new healthy root growth, leaves and stems 
3.       Fertilizes the growth of new seedlings
4.       Induces more flower spike with brighter color.
5.       Supplement right PH and nutrient balanced with high absorbtion
6.       Add us& 101ful microbes
7.       Reduces algae growth
8.       Reduce and eliminate diseases of the roots, stems and leaves
9.       Reduce leave / flower falling before fully developed
10.   Reduce and control of virus, bacteria and fungi development including act as a pest control
11.   Reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
Method of use 
·         1 small teaspoon (5ml) for 1 liter of water. Can be sprayed 1-2 times a week in all parts of the tree either in the morning or in the evening. Suitable for all types of crops including vegetables and fruits
For detailed job - OBP dilution rates with water to function DIFFERENTLY
·         Pest, virus, bacteria and fungi control: 1 teaspoon : 100ml water (spray to to orchid medium or below the base of the & 108eaves)
·         Weeds / moss control : 1 teaspoon: 250 ml of water (spray to orchid medium)
·         Improve decayed stem and root : 1 teaspoon 500 ml water
·         Can be sprayed on all part of plants except the flowers / buds.

·         Shake well before use

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