Saturday, December 2, 2017

Water Timer Controller Home Garden Plant Irrigation System Helper Favors

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Colour: Green and black Size (approx):14 x 6 x 8.3 cm Material: Plastic Water timer:5-120 minutes No batteries require

HOW TO INSTALL? Step 1: Screw the water timer on to the water tap Step 2: Now fix the garden hose to the other end of the water timer Step 3: Press the lock button once so as to secure the hose connection  HOW TO PROGRAM? Simply select your run time The dials can be turned clockwise  How to set ? Turn the dial to /MANUAL ON/ and water will flow from the selected outlet To set your run time, turn the dial to the required watering time. Select 5,10,20,25,30,35,40...120 minutes for normal garden watering. When time expires, the water shuts off automatically.

Package Included: 1x 2 Hour Water Timer

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